Small Business Winners - 2012

  Small Business Person of the Year Winner!

  Kit Masters, Inc. and Swan Machine LLC
 825 First Street NE
 Perham, Minnesota 56573

Darrin Swanson
President & CEO

“Never sacrifice quality for speed or cost” and “give back to your community” are the twin pillars of Darrin Swanson’s philosophy as a person and a business owner. Both have paid off handsomely. Darrin is currently CEO and chairman of Kit Masters, Inc. and Swan Machine LLC, two related companies he founded together with his father Keith. Kit Masters and Swan Machine specialize in manufacturing and servicing clutches for heavy-duty vehicles, mostly for the American aftermarket.

As they grew their businesses, Darrin and his father sought help from Minnesota’s West Central Small Business Development Center (WCSBDC). Through his continued relationship with the WCSBDC, Darrin has been able to secure loans, review options for debts, and expand their facility which resulted in new job creation, new export markets, and increased profits. Today, this successful small business has more than $20 million in annual sales, a work force of 50 employees, over 10 export contracts and donations to the community of over $60,000 in the past three years.

Darrin, his wife Jill and their three sons are very active in the community by donating their time and talents to several area causes.


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