Small Business Winners - 2012

  Small Business Person of the Year Winner!

  SVI dba Specialty Vehicles
 440 Mark Leany Drive
 Henderson, Nevada 89011

Nancy Munoz

Leah Munoz

Rachel Drenk

For Nancy, Leah and Rachel Munoz, Specialty Vehicles is a family affair, a family-owned business that’s been women- owned for two generations. Nancy started off working for her father, a manufacturer of trolleys and trams. After his passing, she reincorporated the company as Specialty Vehicles. Her daughters Leah and Rachel began working for the company as teenagers during school vacations. Today, Specialty Vehicles is a major provider of a diversified line of transportation vehicles. From one trolley model at the start, the product line has grown to 27 vehicles. This includes specialty trolleys, trams, mini-trams and buses, along with options for alternative fuel sources and zero-emission battery powered vehicles with solar panels.

During tight economic times, even though upfront costs were daunting, Specialty Vehicles grew with the help of an SBA- guaranteed loan for working capital to develop new lines. Net worth and employment rolls have steadily increased, and Specialty Vehicles recently secured an SBA 504 loan to purchase an industrial building to expand Specialty Vehicles’ manufacturing and distribution operations.


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